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Web Development Company Newcastle – Why Load Speed Plays Such A Crucial Role

Web development company Newcastle will ensure that your business functions correctly. After all, the appearance of your website is not the only thing that matters when attracting traffic and boosting conversions. There are many different factors that come together for successful web design North East, from navigation to responsiveness. One of the most vital elements of a website is load speed. But, why does it play such a crucial role? There are a number of reasons. Firstly, the Internet is all about convenience. People use the Internet to find what they need in the quickest manner possible. If your website takes forever to load, they are simply going to look elsewhere.

As load time plays a critical role in terms of user experience, it is something that search engines take very seriously. Web development companies Newcastle wide know that they need to provide rapid loading times if they are to rank pages highly. This is not only the case for the likes of Google and Yahoo, but it is important for social media too. Facebook recently reported that websites that load slowly, especially on mobile, could miss out on referral traffic from the social media website. They noted that up to 40 per cent of visitors leave a site if it does not load within three seconds.

In today’s world, users expect information at their fingertips. If your website cannot provide that to your prospective customers, you are running the risk of losing them before they even begin to browse. And they may never return. If you need a web development agency Newcastle based to help improve the speed and performance of your website, contact the experts at White Digital. Our expert web development Newcastle based team can offer all this and more. See our own website for the range of services we offer at https://white.digital; and when you’re ready to get in touch, call us on 03330 124 924.