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Web Design Middlesbrough – Are You Committing Any Of These Web Design Sins?

Web design Middlesbrough services are a must for all businesses today. However, there are still many business owners who attempt to handle web design in-house or cut corners by hiring an amateur North East web design firm. This could lead to costly mistakes. Are you currently committing a deadly web design sin? One of the biggest website sin any business could make is failing to have a mobile website. Your website needs to be optimised for mobile use, as most people use the Internet on their mobile phones nowadays. Can customers get in touch with your business easily?

Any experienced web designer Middlesbrough based knows the importance of having clear, visible contact information. If you don’t show your contact information prominently, it creates a lack of trust. Is your SEO strategy weak? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula when it comes to obtaining high search engine rankings. In the past, a mix of keywords, plenty of backlinks, title tags and meta-descriptions would be enough. Search engine algorithms are a lot smarter than this; and black hat techniques are punished with poor rankings. Do you track your performance? You’d be shocked by how many businesses don’t! Looking at the data behind your website use is the only way to move forward.

Do you have a strong call to action? If you don’t, you’re committing a deadly website sin. The best website user experience tells a customer the where, the what and the how. You can be clear with your language in order to prompt action. If you are committing any of the website sins mentioned in this article, it’s time for a change. Get in touch with the web designers Middlesbrough based at White Digital today, and we can ensure your website ranks well, evokes trust and performs to optimal level. For more information about our web design North Eastservices, simply head to our websitehttps://white.digital.