Web Design Companies Durham

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Web Design Companies Durham – Increasing Ecommerce Conversions

Web design companies Durham wide should provide a service that entails much more than simply building a visually appealing website. They must construct your ecommerce website in a way that leads to a greater number of conversions. To do this, they need to carefully consider the customer journey. This is the desired path a customer will take when they visit your e-store. The web design Durhamprofessionals you hire will assess the initial impression your website makes on a user. But they will also look at the numerous ways a visitor can discover the products you sell; learn more about individual items; add them to their cart; and ultimately make a purchase.

By scrutinising the customer journey, a web design company Durham based will be able to find out where you’re currently going wrong. At what point in the customer journey do users get tired of waiting and leave? Many e-stores have a high shopping cart abandonment rate. This could be because the process too lengthy, requiring users to sign up and input an abundance of information that isn’t necessary. Alternatively, maybe you add on surprise delivery fees that are somewhat excessive? The reason may not be so obvious, but by evaluating the customer journey, web designers can ensure it is fast, pleasant and comfortable. This will result in an increase in sales being made.

A web design agency Durham will also ensure your home page is perfectly constructed to generate interest in what you are selling. They’ll create a landing page that introduces people to your brand, so that visitors are aware of the type of store they are visiting. They will use your logo and other visuals to ensure your business is differentiated from the competition. Getting the balance right is important; you don’t want to overdo it with branding. Hiring a web design North East based firm with plenty experience is important, as they will know what works and what doesn’t. For example, carousels and homepage slides can often be detrimental to conversion rates, which may come as a surprise to some businesses.

One company with all the experience you need is White Digital. We provide expert web design services Durham area and beyond. No matter whether you need a bespoke build or a simple website, our process remains the same throughout. We ensure your website perfectly represents your brand while being structured in the best possible manner for increased conversions. We want all of your customers to have a great journey, and we’ll ensure this is the case. For more information, simply head to our website: https://white.digital, or call for a free quote.