Project Management Term & Conditions

All prices and timescales have been developed in relation to our Project Management Procedures. These procedures have been developed to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and on budget.

This means that on agreeing terms with White Digital for the delivery of any project, it is agreed to be delivered strictly adhering to White Digitals Project Management Procedures

Any deviation from the White Digital’s procedures could result in increased lead time and/or cost. In extreme cases it may lead to the termination of the projects delivery.

On paying the commissioning payment or instructing White Digital to begin work on any and all projects you are agreeing to adhere to White Digitals Project Management Procedures

Hosting and Support Packages

Basic Hosting – £10/Month

Your site will be hosted on our server and we will maintain regular back-ups of your site. If for any reason your site was to go down, we would revert it to the most recent back up free of charge.

Any changes or repairs would be charged at our normal hourly rate

Supported Hosting – £40/Month

As well as your site being hosted on our server and backed up daily you will get all the great benefits below

Unlimited free content changes –

This means your site will always be up to date and current. Any events, projects, menus or news; just drop it into a support ticket and it will be live within 48 hours (Google loves this

Unlimited free image changes –

Always making sure staff profiles, vehicles, pictures of premises or customers are always recent and fresh (Google loves this too).

Plugin updates– where relevant, we will ensure all plugins on your site are always fully up-to-date, which include cross compatibility checks to ensure your site isn’t open to any plugin vulnerabilities and keeping security to an absolute maximum.

Monthly google analytics reporting –

we’ll send you detailed reports on your website traffic, so you can understand how long people spend on your site and exactly how they got there

Monthly google search console reporting –

we’ll send you reports on how Google see your website and if there any errors, as well as fixing them. Keeping Google happy goes a long way to making sure your website is seen well at all times.

Secure SSL Encrypted Website –

On the modern web security is everything. its vital whenever you’re handling sensitive information such as user login information, or addresses and credit card details. Most hosts charge a fee for an SSL certificate to encrypt this data, but with our supported hosting plan we will install one free of charge

Personal Account Management –

To top it all off, you will have your very own account manager. They are dedicated to making sure you are getting everything out of your site possible. At the very least you will have a monthly call to take you through your report and make sure your site is completely up to date.

Bespoke Hosting – On Request

For larger sites, sites with special requirements, Ecommerce or certain 24 hour services a more individual service may be required.

Any bespoke hosting packages are subject to their own terms & conditions.

All prices exclude VAT