Social Media Consultancy

Let us perfect your online presence

Time consuming and frustrating, without any experience or understanding social media can be a daunting place to try to grow the awareness of your business.

With our experienced team we take a more strategic approach to your social media activity. We research relevant trends and themes in your markets and generate relevant content to engage with your audience.

Our strategy is quite simple and moves through 4 stages

Stage 1

Grow Passive Participation

This is the building block, increasing your audience. Finding and connecting with relevant people who have and interest in what you have to offer. Basically, growing your Likes and Followers.

Stage 2

Increase Active Participation

We produce quality content (offers, stories and information), that your audience wants to interact with. This will not only help with Stage 1 but is also a key step towards stage 3.

Stage 3

Convert to Customers

Again, through the use of specific researched, measurable and tailored content we will give your audience more reason to become consistent consumers of your products and services.

Stage 4

Create Brand Ambassadors

Through continued contact with existing customers and swift response to any online queries we will help to make every customer and member of your audience an ambassador for the good work you do.