Search Engine Optimisation

Let us build the perfect site for you

Having the most beautiful, well laid out shop in town is great, but if you are on a back street which no one knows is there, you might get a couple of passers by, but not the floods of people you would are looking for. Search Engine Optimisation is putting those signs up and getting that word of mouth going. Once word starts to spread it just gets bigger and bigger, but it’s getting that word spreading.

Our SEO strategy has been proven again and again to be super successful. It works by growing the authority of the Home Page on your website. Having a strong home page means your site will be found more often by the people you want to find it.

If your not seeing any new customers coming through your site, it’s not because websites don’t work and probably not that your site doesn’t convert people. First we need to get people visiting your site, from there we can look at how well your site converts, what sort of traffic you’re getting and understand where the bottle neck is. The evidence of websites working is everywhere, let us help you turn yours into an example of success!

Stage 1

Keyword & Competitor Research

  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Competitor SEO analysis
  • Quantified analysis of the keyphrases providing the best ROI
  • Internal Architecture Silo Blueprint

Stage 2

Full Website SEO Health Check

  • SEO Review & Recommendations
  • On-Page Review & Recommendations
  • Google Local review
  • Directory Citation report pdf
  • Website Audit detailing errors, warnings & notices
  • Backlink Report•Ranking Report for target keyphrases
  • Mobile Friendly analysis•Page Load Speed Report
  • Link Audit report & recommendations
  • W3C Validation
  • Mobile & Desktop Page Speed Report
  • Google Webmaster Tools Report
  • Malware and Blacklist Check

Stage 3

Google Set-up & Directory Citations

  • Google Local Review Report
  • Google Local set-up if not done
  • Google Analytics account set-up if not done
  • Google Webmaster Tool set-up if not done
  • Update Name, Address and Phone
  • Number on site (NAP)
  • Update NAP on any existing Citations
  • Build new National Directory Citations (10-20)
  • Build new Local Directory Citations (5-10)
  • Build new Industry Directory Citations (5-10)

Stage 4

Content Creation & Silo Installation

  • Silo page design template
  • Professional writing for each keyphraseto create keyword rich content Include semantic relevant keyphrases
  • Insert high relevance outbound link
  • Insert markup language for rich snippets & authorship
  • Data Highlight relevant content
  • XML Sitemap for Google
  • Robots.txt file
  • Zip files with installation guide

Stage 5

Adwords for Tier 3 Keywords

  • Create an Adword campaign for exact match keywords using the Tier 3 Keywords
  • This will also deliver some high quality traffic to the site whilst the organic keyword rankings are rising as part of the overall SEO strategy
  • Based on the keywords agreed upon Stage 1, an Adwords campaign will be created using all of the Tier 3 keywords. Although Adwords doesn’t in any way affect organic SEO, this forces Google to notice the keyword content pages we’ve installed on the site much quicker, meaning organic presence can be noticed much quicker

Stage 6

Social Media

  • Optimising profiles for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Yelp, Pinterest, Foursquare & Stumbleupon
  • Build up followers for Social Media profiles (50-100 new followers through natural means)
  • Get followers for the Google+ Local page (50-100 new followers through natural means)
  • Enter the Google+ circles of key influencers both locally & for the relevant niche and try to get them in your Circles (10-20 Influencers)
  • Niche influencer identification•Get new Shares, Favourites and +1′s (50-100)
  • Social Media Content (3)
  • Social Media Posting (3)

Stage 7

Linkbuilding–Local & Niche

  • Create content for linkbuilding(2)
  • Local related Link opportunity analysis
  • Build Local Directory links (5-10)
  • Build Local Blog links (2-5)
  • Build Local News links (2-5)
  • Niche related Link opportunity analysis
  • Niche Related Directory links (2-5)
  • Niche Blog Commenting (2-5)
  • Niche Forum Commenting (2-5)
  • Niche Yahoo Answers commenting (2-5)
  • Build 200 x Level 2 & 2,000 x Level 3 links to these to create massive additional power

Stage 8

High PR Articles

  • Create content for linkbuilding (2)
  • Build Industry Forum links (2-5)
  • Build Article Links (5-10)
  • Build links in Q & A sites (2-5)
  • Build Wiki Links (2-5)
  • Build Press Release Links (5-10)
  • Build High PR Web 2.0 Links (20-30)
  • Social bookmarking
  • Build 200 x Level 2 & 2,000 x Level 3 links to these to create massive additional power
  • 3 links to these to create massive additional power

Stage 9

Linkbuilding–High PR Video & Audio

  • Write content to support video & audio creation (1)
  • Create audio files (1) and build Audio links (2-5)
  • Create image files (5-10) and build image links (5-10)
  • Create videos (1) and build Video links (2-5)
  • Create PDF files (1) and build PDF links (5-10)
  • Build 200 x Level 2 & 2,000 x Level 3 links to these to create massive additional power

Stage 10

Blogging & News Management

  • Set up a Blog on the site
  • Create original high quality article content (3)
  • Find an Image for the Blog Post (3)
  • Publish Each Blog at the Client’s Preferred Schedule
  • Create Social Signals to Each Blog Post
  • Write Press Release (1)
  • Publish Press Release through multiple channels
  • Set up RSS Feed

Stage 11

Reviews & CTR

  • Build Profiles & Promotional pages
  • Set up accounts on top 5 Review Sites
  • Set up accounts on 3-5 Niche Review Sites
  • Build Reviews (5-10 on each site)
  • Gather Ratings & Reviews (5-10 on each site)
  • Improve sites Click Thru Rate
  • Improve sites Dwell Time

23 Keyword SEO


12 Phase Strategy
Double Keywords (46) If Paid Upfront
3,6, and 12 Month Payment Plans

56 Keyword SEO


12 Phase Strategy
3,6, and 12 Month Payment Plans

100 Keyword SEO


12 Phase Strategy
3,6, and 12 Month Payment Plans