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SEM Rush recently delivered the single most definitive study that has ever been conducted of Google’s Ranking factors.

They investigated over 2.5 Billion keywords & in excess of 3 Trillion backlinks in more than 1.5 Million user accounts. And they proved the most important ranking factors in 2018 are all about User Engagement…

  • 1 Number of visitors to your website
  • 2 Time those visitors then spend on your site
  • 3 How many pages they visited in that session
  • 4 Bounce rate of the visitors

No Bots, no software, no automation, no risk…

You can now completely dominate your market in months (guaranteed). You won’t any longer waste your money on pointless outdated methods from companies that promise a lot and deliver very little, with no guarantee of results. Instead, White Digital will sky rocket your rankings with 100% GUARANTEED RESULTS.

For a Start Up fee of just £199 + VAT, we’ll conduct 2 very important tasks for you:

  • 1 Keyword Research
  • Taking ideas from you, we’ll conduct in-depth relevant keyword research to identify as many suitable keywords for your campaign. We’ll identify any keywords we feel to best represent the target audience you want to be infront of, and their exact monthly search traffic volume, so you are in full control of which keyword(s) you want to target, knowing there is suitable demand before hand.

  • 2 In-Depth SEO Audit
  • We’ll conduct a full Onsite and Offsite Audit of your website, to see exactly how Google see your site online. This crucial work is to identify any issues on the target website that need to be addressed. We can help fix these for you for a separate cost (which will be detailed when we complete the audit & research), and if all issues are fixed then our Page 1 guarantee is in place.

    Whats more, the £199 + VAT fee you’ll pay to get this work started is then stored as credit to go towards your monthly budget, meaning the above work is technically done free of charge, but more specifically to engage your commitment. For full details of our SEO proposal, and the must read Dwell Time Deliverables PDF (which explains the key fundamentals which we focus upon in the Audit of your site), please fill in the form below and you’ll receive all the details you need.

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