Whether you need a simple website or a bestpoke build, our process remains the same

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Our Process

We take your project through each phase in the most efficient way possible, taking on board feedback from you throughout the process to ensure the final product is exactly what you had in mind without wasting your time or money. See how it works below:

Information Gathering

We sit with you, face to face to discuss your needs and to get to know more about you and your business. Don’t worry if we can’t meet up face to face for any reason, we often hold meetings using skype or over the phone, and will take you through our detailed briefs to make sure we really get to know your exact needs before we go any further.

Project Analysis

You can sit this bit out as we do all of the hard work. We take a look at your project using your responses from stage 1 and then plan how we would go about delivering the perfect solution for your unique needs. After that our team of experts discuss the plan, write it down and move onto the next stage.

Proposal Presentation

Now that we have a plan of how to handle your unique needs, we sit down and go through your project with you again and guide you through exactly how we would deliver your website. We go through all of the costs, timescales and what type of information we may need from you.


This is where you come in! We collect all the content and images you would like on your site and make a start on your designs. You will have a scheduled phone call with your designer, giving both you and them a chance to ask any more questions and make sure nothing is missed.

Design Sign-off

For a simple site we create a design of your proposed Home Page, taking into account the information in your briefs and any existing branding guidelines. We present these designs to you face to face and collect all of your feedback. Any redesigns are then presented in the same way but we find that one review is all that is usually needed if any. Larger sites may have more pages designed but we would let you know beforehand if this is the case.


Once the design(s) have been signed off by you, we move on to the development. This follows the same process as the design phase. Once the site has been completed, we present it to you face to face again and collect any feedback you have.

Going Live!

Exciting times - the finished article. Once you are completely happy with your site we put it live for you and hand over the reins. You will receive a basic run through on how to manage your website and you are ready to go. Don’t worry, it can be daunting but we are always here to answer questions and help whenever you need us.

Going Forward

So you now have the website that you’ve always dreamed of, beautiful, slick and tells your story perfectly, now’s the time to make sure the right people are finding it. Very few sites have ever been launched one day and had thousands of visitors the next. Come and talk to us about our Search Engine Optimisation, this is where you really start making your website work for you!

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