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Managed WordPress Hosting: 3 Simple Reasons Why You Need It

Managed WordPress hosting: why do you need it? WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, with Wappalyzer estimating that it had over 76% market share in 2017. As such, it has become synonymous with phrases such as ‘cost-effective’, ‘efficient’ and ‘user-friendly’, particularly for those small and medium sized organisations who are using WordPress to drive forward the digital presence of their business. But whilst WordPress can be both of these things – and more – to get the most out of it, you need to get the peace of mind that comes from working with a first-class WordPress managed hosting provider. There are three very simple reasons why.

Everything On Your WordPress Managed Hosting Site Will Be Safe And Secure

WordPress is a brilliant Content Management System (CMS) and is perfectly fit for purpose (as shown by the tens of millions of people who use it right around the world). But because it is open source – which essentially means that anyone can see its base code and work with it however they set fit – there are always people finding small holes in it that need to be filled for whatever reason. For the most part, these holes do not cause any issues at all, are filled as quickly as they are found and everyone is able to continue using WordPress happily, without issue.

So why use managed WordPress hosting? Well, on some occasions, these holes can leave a website open to security vulnerabilities. This could be anything from publishing content on your website that you have not authorised through to something that is more of a high level security issue, such as accessing personal data that has been stored or processed by your website. But the only time this usually ever happens is when you have not kept your WordPress installation – or any of the plugins you may have installed – up-to-date. Updates are released regularly by WordPress and the respective plugin developers, and sometimes they are to provide enhancements, other times to fix minor bugs, and sometimes they’re to make sure there are no open security flaws in WordPress. Through the use of managed WordPress hosting services, you can expect your WordPress installation and all available plugins to be maintained to the latest versions, ensuring there are no open vulnerabilities to your website.

You’ll Get 24/7 Support From An Experienced Managed WordPress Hosting UK Based Team

When you are in business, particularly a small businesses, startup or scaleup, we fully appreciate that money can be tight. You need to know exactly what is being spent where, so you can feel confident you really are getting the most appropriate return on your investment. But if there is one thing more valuable than money for a business and its team, it has to be time.

Every single one of us wants more time; time to focus on the things that we know we are best at rather than the seemingly mundane activities that so many often think of as being HR, taxes…and website hosting. Whilst we can’t make managed WordPress hosting UK wide the most exciting topic of all time, what we can do is make it the case that you don’t need to get involved in your website’s hosting in any way, shape or form. We’ll take every task related to managed WordPress hosting, big or small, away from you and make the entire process seamless. Our 24/7 support team offers the top managed WordPress hosting service in the area, and are available to make sure everything continues to work perfectly regardless of the time of the day or week (and are available to chat with should you actually encounter any problems yourself). This gives you one less thing to think about as a business owner and ensures you can focus your time and efforts on the areas of your business that are going to genuinely see an impact from your attention (and which you aren’t going to see as being mundane!).

The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Is Flexible And Scalable

No one wants to be stuck with a service they no longer need or a product that just doesn’t fill their requirements anymore. This is the case on a personal level and it’s exactly the same on a business one. In fact, it’s arguably more important in business than on a personal level because, as a business, you need to be able to justify every single penny or cent that’s spent. And if there’s something that’s no longer of use to your organisation, it’s impossible to justify it as a genuine necessity when it comes to expenditure. Fortunately with your website hosting, that doesn’t need to be the case with a managed solution, as it’s all about being flexible and scalable when it comes to the best managed WordPress hosting services.

No one wants to have their website on a host whereby they have little-to-no freedom when they hit a level in their website’s life that means they need more of something, whether that’s server space, bandwidth, functionality or anything else. No one should want anything other than a glass ceiling; one they can effortlessly break through and go to the next level, for which their WordPress host should support. And this is exactly what should happen. Your business grows, your website follows and you need to expand. You don’t need to be concerned or confused here, as it can be a totally seamless and effortless process where you get moved from one level to the next without any loss in service. And of course, should your business activity deem that level is no longer appropriate, you can move back down with the same ease – but ideally you’ll just keep having a need for greater capacity or bandwidth as you become more and more successful!. If you’re looking for the best managed WordPress hosting providers, you can’t do better than to contact White Digital.

Make The Right Choice For Your Managed WordPress Hosting With White Digital

Choosing a company that can offer managed WordPress hosting in a truly effective way is something that you should give time to, as you need the right host for you. You need one that you have confidence will give your WordPress website the care and attention it needs to support your ambitious growth as a business; confidence that can be shown by having continued support available. We offer all of this at White Digital and would love to explain more about the service our clients praise us for:

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