LinkedIn is the biggest networking event on the planet, it’s open 24/7 and like all networking events; it’s all about talking to the right people!

Are you sure you’re maximising your network on LinkedIn? Do you want an automated strategy that’s continuously working away day and night for you? One that is continuously introducing you to the right people and generating interest?

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy does just that.

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We’ve been using White Digital’s automated LinkedIn software for a couple of months now and it’s really made a huge difference to our lead generation. The software itself is seamless and periodically connects with the right people in the right industries, then messages a script tailored to us, in our style of writing. We’ve found it not only gets us talking to the relevant people in our chosen industry, but it puts our content in front of so many more potential leads too. Doug’s advice on how to engage with connections has been invaluable, so once the conversations have started we can really make the most of the opportunity. My personal SSI (Social Selling Index) on LinkedIn has increased dramatically, meaning I’m now in the top 2% of people like me, in my industry, for finding and engaging with the right people. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending White Digital, for a personal, professional and proactive service.

Jessica Lawrence

Frontier Group

  • After carefully determining the exact people you want to speak to and generating a search and a database of those individuals, every day our system introduces you to 50 (averaging 1,000 a month) of those ideal customers. All of this with a tailored message, personalised with the individuals name.
  • Our strategy then sends 4 messages, which can be spaced and spread apart as you like. We’ll recommend the time increments with these messages, but you’re equally in control of this.
  • The first of these messages is generally a thank you and an offer to help if ever needed.
  • Then, a note letting them know a little about your services and saying if they’d like to know more you would send an email with a little more info.
  • To follow up, a note offering a little more information about your services and a limited time offer or promotion.
  • Finally, a note wishing them all the best and making an offer of a referral reward if they know of anyone that might be interested.
  • All you have to do is keep an eye on your inbox!
  • If anyone starts a conversation of any value the strategy will be stopped for that connection and we will expect you to respond organically. This can happen at any time during the strategy and some engage straight away, some only on the very last message and some never at all.
  • But the true value in this system is the continuous daily action taken towards growing your network on LinkedIn of the perfect people for your business.
  • A proven system that finds interested parties and generates new business for you without you having to do everything, making sure you get the most out of LinkedIn and leaving you knowing you’re not missing opportunities and wasting time on unfruitful actions.