Creating a website is an essential part of growing any business. Your website is your online shop window, and the same level of care needs to go into its construction. Finding the right web design North East based company is an essential part of that process. But, how do you know you have found the right one?

One of the ways to ensure that you hire a professional and experienced North East web design company is to know more about the design process. This then gives you an indication, when discussing your needs, as to whether the company can provide the quality you need. The first stage in any web design Newcastle wide, is information gathering. The company should want to know about you, your company and what you want to gain from your website. This is important as the needs of an e-commerce site are different to those of a site being built purely to provide information. Learning about your business and your goals over the short, medium, and long term, is vital as it provides the web design team with a road map that keeps your website relevant over time. Once the information has been gathered, the next stage is planning. The web development team should take the information you have provided and prepare a plan of how they are going to achieve what you need. Once completed, this plan should then be presented to you, before any further work takes place. This stage should also include you being provided with information on timescales, costs, how the work will proceed, and what, if any, further information is required from you.

The presentation stage is not a one-way stream. During this stage, you should take the opportunity to feed back on the plan, suggest any changes to anything you don’t think is suitable, and discuss with the Newcastle web designers any areas that you are unclear on. Once you have agreed to the plan, the work can start. You should be provided with a clear line of communication with at least one member of the team who is overseeing your specific project. During this stage, further information may be collected, and you should receive regular updates on the work. Often web design North East companies will create an initial design for one page, often the home page, then present this to you before going any further. This allows you to ensure that the design is within the parameters you set. If you are happy, then the next stage is production, where the website is completed following the design and remit that has already been agreed. When everything is complete, you should be provided with a further opportunity to check and sign off on the website design and construction. Then all that is left is for the site to go live and for you to discuss the way forward with your web design agency, including what further services they offer that you may need over the long term.

While each web design North East company is different, and will have their own unique take on the design and construction process, these key elements should always be present. Discuss these with any designer you are considering, to ensure that you get value for money and a website your business can be proud of.