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It makes you think just how many decisions we make daily based on knowledge and information that’s just wrong……   To use an example from another book, ‘Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow’;   If I was to introduce you to a 16 year old boy called Jason. Jason is not particularly strong, tests well in school, wears classes, is shy and his favourite subject is maths. And i was then to ask you will Jason be a farmer or a...

Not our words, I promise. Blame Richard Branson for penning that particular phrase.   Although it is a title that does get your attention before the pages behind it make a very good point, backed up by more case studies than you could ever need.   Branson’s key message is one he calls ‘Capitalism 24902’; which, I know what you’re thinking, sounds all well and good but how can you have a profitable business that’s main focus is on...

This all must be one of the most obvious statements anyone could make when discussing the performance of any website or online store.   Without traffic you’ve got nothing….. I don’t write this to sound doom and gloom, or to scare anyone away from starting or growing an online presence. I say this to state the obvious and to point out the fastest (and I mean that by a long way), route to success.   Drive traffic first, worry...

Not only is self-esteem important in order to become successful in both our personal and professional lives, it’s one of the most important parts of living a fulfilled and happy life. If your goal’s to become a person who’s happy and independent of external circumstances, self-esteem is key. This is the reason so many books and articles deal with the topic of self-esteem, with much of the material based on the works of Nathaniel Branden’s “The 6 Pillars...

An internationally respected leadership authority, family expert, teacher, organisational consultant, and author, Dr. Stephen R. Covey dedicates his life to teaching principle-centred living and leadership to individuals, families and organisations. He has been awarded seven honorary doctorate degrees, and has also been recognised as one of Time magazine's 25 most influential Americans. Here we summarise Dr. Covey’s international best seller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which has sold more than 25 million copies in 40...