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‘Screw Business As Usual’

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‘Screw Business As Usual’

Not our words, I promise. Blame Richard Branson for penning that particular phrase.


Although it is a title that does get your attention before the pages behind it make a very good point, backed up by more case studies than you could ever need.


Branson’s key message is one he calls ‘Capitalism 24902’; which, I know what you’re thinking, sounds all well and good but how can you have a profitable business that’s main focus is on the philanthropic results rather than the financial……. Right?! Thought so. 😉


It turns out 24,902 miles is the circumference of the earth, you will have known that I’m sure. I certainly didn’t. The meaning that is inferred by this is that plutocratic capitalism as seen in the 80’s for example or in the Steel Trust of the early 19th century should be seen as a thing of the past and that we no longer need to have profitable business at the expense of the masses.




If you didn’t know, we love to read here at White Digital; and one of our books is the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Dr Steven Covey. All 7 habits are very useful and if followed you would probably have to work quite hard to not be successful.


However, for us here at WD one habits stands out about all the rest Win/Win. We are firm believers that as long as both parties on either side of any transaction both get a win out of the deal. You will never be far from repeat business, referrals and ultimately a profitable successful business.


Capitalism 24902


Branson, however, takes this a few considerable steps further. Saying not only is it the responsibility of the rich, successful and ultimately powerful to find a way to improve the lives of everyone.


The old adage of teaching a man to fish and feeding him for a lifetime is paramount in all of the case studies


To use a Case Study borrowed from the book of a business we will more than likely all know, one that has 76,500 owners, who all run the company. John Lewis, instead of having shareholders to cater for has all of their 76,500 staff as part owners of the company. Giving them a chance to have a say in how it’s run. This ultimately means the focus of the company is not on short term profits to satisfy shareholders but on long term stability and the happiness of its staff.


Which of those to contradicting focuses would you assume would yield better results……. Well just look at how strong John Lewis has been consistently in the topsy turvy world of retail.


To Finish on Win/Win


We all work hard to make our way in the world and carve out our little corner of it. But a little thought on whether the other party is getting closer to their little corner at the same time, might just be the difference between success today or success in 5 years from now……. Maybe even success and failure as a whole.


Douglas Dinwiddie

Managing Director


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