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The Importance of Website Traffic

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The Importance of Website Traffic

This all must be one of the most obvious statements anyone could make when discussing the performance of any website or online store.


Without traffic you’ve got nothing…..

I don’t write this to sound doom and gloom, or to scare anyone away from starting or growing an online presence. I say this to state the obvious and to point out the fastest (and I mean that by a long way), route to success.


Drive traffic first, worry about conversions later.

If you are wondering why you don’t get many emails from your contact form(s) or sales aren’t increasing on your online presence, it’s not because websites don’t generate leads or sales, it probably doesn’t even mean that ‘your’ website can’t generate leads or sales. I would say with conviction and confidence that there just isn’t enough quality people visiting your site for you to be able to take advantage of the law of averages.

It’s quite simple really, the average conversion rates internet wide will be a damn site lower than you could ever even expect; just have a think about the below from searchengineland.com.

So across all industries the Median you can hope for is 2.35%, that means that you will get one conversion for every 43 visitors to your site; 1 in 20 if you put your website in the top 25 percentile of performing websites.

If you then feel like you convert 50% of your leads, you can do the maths on just how much traffic you need to really create a profit and drive growth through online marketing.

The real beauty of online marketing though; is that it is all trackable. What this means is you can act, measure, reassess and act again as often as you want. Not only that put it also allows you to understand at what point you need to get to, to see a return on any investment.


This allows one of two things to happen…….


  1. It means you can make an educated decision on any strategy before you undertake it. Knowing exactly what risks (if any) and opportunities lie ahead before you put any of that precious budget towards it.


  1. It also means any self-respecting confident agency can say without any shadow of doubt that if you do X,Y, Z you can expect A,B, C. This means we can put guarantees on our work, it means we can put money back guarantees on all of our SEO and Social Media work.


Once you have traffic visiting your site then you can start to think about what rate it converts those leads at, what you class as a conversion in the first place and what return you are seeing on your investment.


If you are craving growth like most small business, and are looking for a low to no risk strategy where you can physically see the increase and improvement for the work you are doing and the money you are spending.
Look no further than SEO and Social Media Marketing to drive traffic to your site.

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